Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Yes, I did manage to drag myself to the cinema last Saturday, and I did watch the movie, albeit in a state of wooziness, like it was all a dream.

But I still enjoyed the movie, nonetheless. Yes, enjoyed. Despite all the negative feedback about the movie, I actually like it. Here are the movie's misses that most people harp on:
  1. Lack of fighting scene
  2. Lack of explanation on plots
  3. Missing plots from book
  4. Too much romance
  5. Too dark
Honestly? I think the movie's plus points far outweight the above "gripes" (quotation marks because not all of which, I agree upon). Here are, in my humble opinion, the hits of the movie:

(1) Exciting start scenes.

(2) Most of Ron Weasley's scenes. That Rupert Grint can act!

(3) More focus on Death-Eaters - everything about them is so cool!
For instance:

Their black-smoke apparating trail...

Their evil wailings...

The way they hold their wands...

The Dark Mark...

The Unbreakable Vow (not exactly a Death-Eater thing, but they just made it look so cool)...


(4) Darker and more grown-up settings in the movie - it's no longer a movie about a bunch of innocent school kids. Even Quidditch got so much more badass.

Quidditch then...
Quidditch now...Me likes.

(5) And lastly, Luna Lovegood's hair.

What?! It WAS beautiful!...

Conclusion: 4 stars out of 5

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