Monday, July 27, 2009

Final Fantasy Memories

A friend sent me a few links to YouTube video clips of Final Fantasy XII. Although I have never played FFXII before, watching those videos does bring back the feeling of playing Final Fantasy VIII, X, and X-2. It feels something like following a really good TV series, only much more involved - like you're living in the story. I suppose that's the whole idea of a role-playing game.

I know this is gonna make me sound really dorky, but I miss those days when I was playing FF. Everyday, I looked forward to go home from school and continue my FF adventure. Every new discovery brought awe, happy event joy, and sad event sorrow. And every time a game was completed, I suffered serious withdrawal symptoms. I know... I'm such a geek.

Anyways. Here're some ending videos of FFVIII, FFX-2 and FFXII. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy XII

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