Monday, July 20, 2009

The Bulu Ketiak Thing

Was chatting with Momok on MSN:

Momok: i find that cabut my bulu ketiak is more interesting than doin documentation
kaioucat: LOL!!!!!!!!
kaioucat: imagine if ur boss hears tht
[some conversation in between]
Momok: the bulu ketiak thing
Momok: im tempted to post it on my facebook
kaioucat: u do tht
Momok: but my boss is on my facebook

My friends say the darnest things...

Glossary: cabut bulu ketiak = pulling out armpit hair


momok said...

Hehehe...My armpit is now smooth as a baby's bump. Ok, not that smooth la but at least no hair for the time being.


I finally got my work done once I ran out of armpit hairs to pluck.

kaioucat said...

ur boss would be happy to hear

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