Friday, June 26, 2009

Smile Factor #12

I was busy catching up on work, although admittedly not very enthusiastically. Then my mobile phone rang. I looked at the caller ID - it said "Withheld". Oh well.

kaioucat: Hello?
Anonymous: Hello (in a somewhat Indonesian accent) [Not another telemarketer...=.=]
kaioucat: Hello?
Anonymous: Kaiouuuuu!!!! [Since when do telemarketers know my nickname?! Ah...then the voice began to sound very familiar...]
kaioucat: Ah Ten?!?!?! What on earth are you calling me for?! [OMG did something happen to her? Is she getting married? Is she in some kind of trouble?]
Ah Ten: Kaiouuuuu!!! [This shrieking went on for a while] You know I get to call you for free? *continues to explain how she could call Malaysia for free too*
kaioucat: 0.o [Still stunned by the surprise long-distance call]
Ah Ten: Hey, why don't you get a ticket and fly to Melbourne for a visit??
kaioucat: Did you just join the airline company or something? You called me out of the blue and asked me to buy an air-ticket to Melbourne?! [I joked]
Ah Ten: (Totally ignoring my question) Eiii...ko tidak worry kah about me? Melbourne has a very serious case of swine flu now!

I have some crazy friends who do totally unpredictable things. And guess what? I'm really thankful for that. There's my Smile Factor #12. =)

This SMS just came in like 20 secs ago: " Win air tickets to destinations of your choice for every 5 mins of IDD ### or ### calls accumulated!" Then there was an email from AirAsia informing me about yet another one of their free seats promotion.

What's with everyone asking me to fly all of the sudden? Now got A(H1N1) lah.

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