Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heroes: Season 3 Episode 7

Before I begin, I would like to request for excuse from fans of the TV series Heroes. The following are only my personal opinion. If you want a revenge, just so you know, I love Lost. Go insult Lost if it makes you feel better, OK?

So I was watching the above episode, yeah.

So Elle (I think that's her name, couldn't be bothered to verify it) is this woman who can generate electricity from her body and shoots them at whomever she wishes. So the plot was she lost her ability to control that power of hers. So she went looking for this company who claimed they could fix her. But the place was far...well, still within the US, surely. And then what she ended up doing? Taking an aeroplane. Yeap, with electric current randomly emitting from her body, she decided to take a commercial aeroplane. Isn't it a tad too obvious that something was bound to happen during the flight?

This show has so many cliches and unjustifiable plots that it looks like the producers are insulting the audience's intelligence. Don't even get me started with the bad overacting from some of the lead actors, and corny lines like... "Evil forces gather, the dark sun rises, soon it will be too late. Will you choose your own path, or you'll have it chosen for you?" What is this...Lord of the Rings? The guy's African in an orange Universal Studio T-shirt, not Gandalf, for goodness's sake!

Which one is more palpable?

The only reason why I'm still watching Heroes is because I have nothing else to watch. I guess seeing how bad it gets is a form of entertainment itself.

It's so unfortunate, really, for such a potentially great show to turn out this bad.

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