Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heroes Got Better!

OK, I said before that Heroes sucks. But it has suddenly made a turn for the much better! I love the twist in plot towards the end of Season 3. Milo's and Hayden's acting has gotten less annoying, and finally...FINALLY, Ando gets his very own power! Hooray!!

The last 2 seasons didn't make me feel anything towards any of the characters. Well, actually they did - just annoyance towards Peter, Claire, and Mohinder. The plots were also not captivating enough to keep me wanting to watch the next season. On top of that there was the bad acting. I thought Season 3 was the same at first, after watching more than half of it. And then suddenly, it all changed. I don't really know exactly why I suddenly like the show so much now. Maybe it's because Ando finally got his own powers, or the good guys started to unite against the bad guys, or there was less focus on Claire and Peter (which I suspect is also why they have gotten less annoying), or there were more light-hearted plots going on (Hiro's and Ando's scenes were the funniest!).

Unfortunately, just when it was starting to get good, the season had to end. I'm definitely watching Season 4.

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