Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winter in KL!

Saw this today:

=.= What is this, sudden freezing a-la Day After Tomorrow?

Speaking of which, Ice Age 3 is coming out on 1 July 2009! =D

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The best song from Linkin Park since Numb, me thinks.

The movie is OK - worth the ticket price to watch in the cinema - worth the original DVD price even. But it's not one of the greatest. The first movie was better, I think because it focused more on the robots more than humans. Tranformers 2 feels like it's trying too hard to be legendary-ish. Somewhere along the movie, I feel like the movie suddenly turned into Lord of the Rings and I can't help but see some Gandalf in Optimus Prime (sacrifising himself to save Sam who held the key to saving the world, telling Sam to run at his last "breath"). Not sure if that is a good thing, though. One other thing that irked me is that they have given too much humanly characteristics to the robots. They act too much like humans, talk too much like humans. I'd think aliens should have their own behavioural traits, no? And Bumblebee seems to have been degraded into a pet dog or something. Probably what saved the movie from all that lameness are the thumping CGI, brilliant fighting scenes, awesome soundtrack, and for the guys - Megan Fox.

The good:
  • Scenes of resurrection of Megatron
  • Scenes of formation of Devastator from The Constructions Decepticons
  • Scenes of combination of Jetfire with Optimus Prime (finally, he can fly)
  • Mikaela Banes played by Megan Fox (I'm not gay, but I love her character, OK? Hot chicks with brains and guts rock!)
  • Seymour Simmons played by John Turturro (so funny)
  • William Lennox played by Josh Duhamel (so handsome)
  • Great soundtracks

The bad:
  • Crying Bumblebee/ Bumblebee with puppy-eyes (so degrading)
  • That hip-hop ice-cream truck scenes
  • Mikaela finding Sam kissing Alice (too predictable)
  • Sam's brief after-death encounter with Prime's ancestors (wtf??)

Conclusion: 3.5 stars out of 5

MTV of Numb below just for the sake of it =P

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's Dead

Am I the only one who feels that something's not right about how suddenly everyone is mourning over MJ's passing when, for the past few years, there had been nothing but news about his scandalous court cases and practically zero support? Where had everyone been then?

Is this what it was like when Elvis Presley passed away?

Smile Factor #12

I was busy catching up on work, although admittedly not very enthusiastically. Then my mobile phone rang. I looked at the caller ID - it said "Withheld". Oh well.

kaioucat: Hello?
Anonymous: Hello (in a somewhat Indonesian accent) [Not another telemarketer...=.=]
kaioucat: Hello?
Anonymous: Kaiouuuuu!!!! [Since when do telemarketers know my nickname?! Ah...then the voice began to sound very familiar...]
kaioucat: Ah Ten?!?!?! What on earth are you calling me for?! [OMG did something happen to her? Is she getting married? Is she in some kind of trouble?]
Ah Ten: Kaiouuuuu!!! [This shrieking went on for a while] You know I get to call you for free? *continues to explain how she could call Malaysia for free too*
kaioucat: 0.o [Still stunned by the surprise long-distance call]
Ah Ten: Hey, why don't you get a ticket and fly to Melbourne for a visit??
kaioucat: Did you just join the airline company or something? You called me out of the blue and asked me to buy an air-ticket to Melbourne?! [I joked]
Ah Ten: (Totally ignoring my question) Eiii...ko tidak worry kah about me? Melbourne has a very serious case of swine flu now!

I have some crazy friends who do totally unpredictable things. And guess what? I'm really thankful for that. There's my Smile Factor #12. =)

This SMS just came in like 20 secs ago: " Win air tickets to destinations of your choice for every 5 mins of IDD ### or ### calls accumulated!" Then there was an email from AirAsia informing me about yet another one of their free seats promotion.

What's with everyone asking me to fly all of the sudden? Now got A(H1N1) lah.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Helluva Month

This June has been a really weird month. But unsurprisingly so. What with all these big company events happening this week. They do demand a lot of time and effort, but they're also refreshing in the sense that they give me something other than my normal work to think about. Plus, I get to meet more people.

The event's almost over. I have to now face the real work-related problems that I have been putting aside in the name of this big event. Sucks, but I am still glad the whole thing is over now. After all, I am beginning to miss my office and co-workers who are not involved in the event.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yes Man - That Jumper Scene

I actually watched this movie like months ago. This movie made me go head-over-heels for this song Jumper by Third Eye Blind. I mean, I remember liking it a lot before, back when it was a popular hit, but this movie casts a whole new light on the song. This scene here is just so funny and inspiring at the same time. I just love it when movies turn musical without being too corny, unlike some movies *cough*highschoolmusical*cough*.

P/S: Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the world!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finding Nemo

I just re-watched Finding Nemo. I first watched it 6 years ago at a cinema in KK, with a very very good friend of mine, before I left all that was familiar to me for a new life in Singapore. It was the first animated movie that I really really liked.


I watched it back then around the same time of the year - around Father's Day. It brought laughter and tears to me 6 years ago. It still does today. It's the perfect kind of movie, with the perfect combination of comedy, love, and adventure.

I almost forgot how much I loved this movie, how much I missed life in KK - life before Singapore. Glad to know that at least my taste in movies has not changed over the years.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Would You Know?

You know why divorces can make people lose faith in love and marriage? Because we have seen with our own eyes how an initially very deep love can turn into hatred and anger. Some people say they have made the wrong choices, marrying the people they don't love. But honestly, how many times have you felt so deeply for someone only to have that feeling turned upside down for some reasons within just a coupla weeks? How then would you know the next time when you have that same deep feeling again, that it is not another mistake - another delusion?

How can we still have faith in love and marriage when we very well know how volatile human emotions can be? Perseverance? Or is it just plain betting on luck?

*This is not an emo post. Just food for thoughts.*

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heroes Got Better!

OK, I said before that Heroes sucks. But it has suddenly made a turn for the much better! I love the twist in plot towards the end of Season 3. Milo's and Hayden's acting has gotten less annoying, and finally...FINALLY, Ando gets his very own power! Hooray!!

The last 2 seasons didn't make me feel anything towards any of the characters. Well, actually they did - just annoyance towards Peter, Claire, and Mohinder. The plots were also not captivating enough to keep me wanting to watch the next season. On top of that there was the bad acting. I thought Season 3 was the same at first, after watching more than half of it. And then suddenly, it all changed. I don't really know exactly why I suddenly like the show so much now. Maybe it's because Ando finally got his own powers, or the good guys started to unite against the bad guys, or there was less focus on Claire and Peter (which I suspect is also why they have gotten less annoying), or there were more light-hearted plots going on (Hiro's and Ando's scenes were the funniest!).

Unfortunately, just when it was starting to get good, the season had to end. I'm definitely watching Season 4.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Little Treasures

This post is in response to an earlier blog entry by Tiffany with the same title.

I was rummaging through my (small) collection of books, yeah. And I found this hidden inside one of my favourite books (I Am a Cat by Soseki Natsume)!

Just look at the freaking date. It was July 2001! That was 8 years ago! (Hence, the reason why it looks a bit dusty. I made the right decision keeping the plastic wrapper on).

Something tells me this bookmark is going to follow me for many many more years to come.

Thanks, Tiff, for the many years of great friendship!

P/S: I am officially in my late 20s now. Sigh. Happy 26th birthday to myself, I guess.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heroes: Season 3 Episode 7

Before I begin, I would like to request for excuse from fans of the TV series Heroes. The following are only my personal opinion. If you want a revenge, just so you know, I love Lost. Go insult Lost if it makes you feel better, OK?

So I was watching the above episode, yeah.

So Elle (I think that's her name, couldn't be bothered to verify it) is this woman who can generate electricity from her body and shoots them at whomever she wishes. So the plot was she lost her ability to control that power of hers. So she went looking for this company who claimed they could fix her. But the place was far...well, still within the US, surely. And then what she ended up doing? Taking an aeroplane. Yeap, with electric current randomly emitting from her body, she decided to take a commercial aeroplane. Isn't it a tad too obvious that something was bound to happen during the flight?

This show has so many cliches and unjustifiable plots that it looks like the producers are insulting the audience's intelligence. Don't even get me started with the bad overacting from some of the lead actors, and corny lines like... "Evil forces gather, the dark sun rises, soon it will be too late. Will you choose your own path, or you'll have it chosen for you?" What is this...Lord of the Rings? The guy's African in an orange Universal Studio T-shirt, not Gandalf, for goodness's sake!

Which one is more palpable?

The only reason why I'm still watching Heroes is because I have nothing else to watch. I guess seeing how bad it gets is a form of entertainment itself.

It's so unfortunate, really, for such a potentially great show to turn out this bad.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Osama bin Laden Pose

Running out of ideas on how to pose for photos? Perhaps Osama can give you some inspiration!
The Osama Pose

The hand position (index finger pointing up, other fingers losely folded) can be combined with any form of face expression. A favourite cam-whoring face expression would be the act-cute face i.e. unnaturally wide eyes, pouted lips, puffed up cheeks, fingers at the face...oh, wait, The Osama Pose already has that. You could also try a nutcase face expression i.e. cross-eyed and grinning from ear to ear.

So, go ahead. Experiment! Innovation is the keyword!

And for the more rebellious...well, who says it has to be an index finger pointing up?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy 1st of June!

Just for the sake of it...hehehehe.

Such a beautiful month, June...I love June... xD