Sunday, May 10, 2009

Syok Sendiri Moment

LOL! First off, sorry for this syok sendiri post.

I don't usually like to blog about my diet plans and exercise regimes, because I get rather supersticious that it might jinx my efforts and I then would suddenly lose all motivation to continue, which actually happened before, although I don't think it was any jinx...probably just my own lack of self-discipline.

In spite of that, I have to write about something I discovered yesterday. See... I started going swimming regularly about 5 months ago. The frequency was up and down, ranging from once to four times a week.

So yesterday, I lifted my arm to check out my underarm flappy fats. They're still there :-( , BUT I also noticed something else. I flexed my forearm muscles and walaaaaa!!! There was a noticeable bump on my forearm! This may hardly be breaking news for regularly fit people, but for me, who hasn't been exercising for goodness-knows-how-long before I started swimming 5 months ago, this is a HUGE milestone in my (slow) journey to fitness!

LOL! Sorry again for the syok sendiri post.

Note: For those who don't know, I guess syok sendiri means being excited over something only oneself can get excited about. Does that make sense? Anyone have a better way to describe the meaning of syok sendiri?

P/S: It's Mother's Day today. Remember to shower your mother with love, hugs, and kisses! And if you're away from home (like me), remember to call her!

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