Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sudden Void of Entertainment

Three TV shows that I have been following have ended their latest seasons. In fact, one of them ended altogether.

  1. Lost Season 5 wrapped up with the cruelest cliff-hanger ever! And Season 6 is only due to premier early next year!
  2. 30 Rock Season 3 ended with not much of an impact. But then again, it's still very much in the middle of the show's peak. No need for much impact.
  3. Scrubs Season 8 finale marked the official ending of the whole show. It was supposed to be touching, but I got the feeling the producers were trying too hard to make the audience sad. I didn't feel all that heavy-hearted to see it end.

Also recently ended were the anime Jigoku Shoujo, and this Malaysian reality online show called Malaysian Dreamgirl.

That leaves me with just HK dramas to watch, or if I get desperate, I might just start watching Heroes Season 3 (didn't like Season 1, but ended up watching Season 2 out of boredom).

It's gonna be a boring 2nd half of the year...up till December, at least.

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