Sunday, May 3, 2009

St. Francis Convent, Kota Kinabalu

Putting me in SFC was probably the decision my parents made that I am most thankful for. The memories I have from that school, both primary and secondary (mostly secondary... kekeke) were just irreplacable (I know, almost EVERYONE would say the same thing about their own school memories, but life in SFC is really unique in its own way).

Why the sudden sentiment? I was bored, so I went into YouTube and searched for random videos with the keywords "St. Francis Convent". Found a few really nostalgic videos, although they were all uploaded by juniors many years after my time. School choirs, dances, sports day, Bakat Interact, random pictures taken in the school... nostalgic gilaaaaa!!!

Such a long time has passed since those days, and I have so little to remind me of them, especially since my parents moved away from KK and I don't get to go back there regularly anymore. The moving process also got rid of many old belongings related to my school days. The memories are getting more and more vague each day, sometimes I wonder if they really happened, or were they just a dream?

Would I live my school days any differently? No, but I would definitely have taken more pictures (video cameras were just not that widely used yet at the time) and kept the stuff from school, regardless of how useless they have become!

I almost cried watching those YouTube videos...


Tiffany said...

Hi Chris. I totally understand what u mean. Look back at secondary school....I realize...I only have 1 album for so many years. Primary school?? None...of me in primary school uniform. The other day I was looking at Pre-U photos.I am glad we took so many. Maybe next time I scan some I gave u too. I have a feeling U don't have the photo of me, U and Mozzy act as Charlie's Angels. haha ... No need to become old Grannies, Just these few years apart when we look back now we are already laughing like mad at the good old days.

kaioucat said...

i have those Charlie's Angels photos! hahaha!

Yeah Pre-U time we took a LOT of photos, and I'm really glad we did. I just wish I can say the same for secondary sch...

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