Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fake MC & Cute Doctors

kaioucat: Do you think chronic sleepiness can be an excuse for MC?
Friend #1: No, but it definitely warrants a fake MC. Go to a doctor and tell him there is something wrong with your body. He will make up some fake illness for you. I went to a doctor last week in good health and told him I had sore throat. He used a torch to check my throat and then declared, "Yes, you have sore throat".
kaioucat: o.O... *wtf*


Speaking of doctors, how come doctors are always so good looking? Once, I went for a medical check-up and this doctor was REALLY handsome and charming (as usual). The check-up included a procedure on my abdomen to check for abnormality (I guess). He was pressing on my stomach with my shirt pulled up a bit, and I started to blush (to my horror). Then he started to tap on my abdomen with his three closed fingers (estimated number, since I was busy trying NOT to blush). And (to my ultimate horror) the tappings sounded like DRUMS!!! *dom* *dom* *dom*

I swear, there was a window opposite me and I felt like jumping right out of it.


Tiffany said...

Oh...This reminds me of a lot of things. Hehehe....That tapping action which produces drum like sound is call percussion. Which is not that easy to master in an instant. Anyway when we first learn it was great fun. B4 this I also never know got such techniques. Becoz...lying down how to see what doctor doing?

Tiffany said...

And dear Chris U donno the worst part or embarrassing part: By tapping all over ur stomach can tell u where is ur fecal matter. Haha....if u haven't defecate yet.:P

kaioucat said...

So it's normal to have that drum-like sound? Percussion, the doctor is playing a musical instrument or something...

About the fecal matter, im not tht embarrassed about tht, why? cause everyone has to shit, right...nothing to be embarrassed about, me thinks.

Actually the reason why I'm so embarrassed at tht time is because of my flabby fats at my abdomen. Hmm...i forgot to write tht in my post, I forgot not everyone who reads my blog knows how I look.

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