Monday, May 25, 2009


kaioucat: Another poor prospect tenant came to view the room. How to save them?

Friend #1: Hand gesture. Eye contact.
kaioucat: But the crazy woman and the rental agent were too close by.
Friend #1: Maybe you should put up a sign at the front door that says "Danger. Keep Out".
kaioucat: How about this? "Beware of Crazy Bitch".

To be fair, she is not a bitch. She is just crazy. Neurotic crazy. Kiasu, kiasi, and stingy. She thinks she's a saint and always right, so everyone should think the way she does.

Phew. That was like a fart. Smelly but feels good to let out. xD

Note: The title of this post reads "jian4 si3 bu2 jiu4". Literally translated to "see die no help". It means to see someone dying / in dire need for help and not lending a helping hand. That's how I feel seeing prospect tenants coming to view my current room.

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