Monday, April 20, 2009

Twin Gifts from Mother Nature

It was as if she knew I was feeling down about leaving home. The photos below were taken en route to Singapore on 13 April 2009, about 7:00pm, at Kawasan Rehat Pagoh (Pagoh Rest Area).

Although, it was not the most beautiful sunset I've seen (the most beautiful one I've seen was in Kota Kinabalu), but it certainly was the most beautiful rainbow I've seen in person. This double rainbow far outshined the one I saw a coupla months ago outside my Singapore flat (not mine, just where I rent a room).

I guess the most wonderful thing is that these two natural phenomena were happening just opposite each other on the same sky. When I look left, I see the double rainbows. When I look right, I see the bright, orange sunset.

Neither of them lasted long, though. The rainbow started fading away almost as quickly as it was formed. The changes in the sunset sky colour was so gradual (but too quickly), it was almost unnoticeable. Like a pseudo-equilibrium chemical reaction - so slow and gradual that it seems like it's not moving.

My only regret is that I didn't have a better camera with me that evening to capture these stunning, breathtaking views. My Sony Ericsson W902 phone camera seriously does not do them justice.

Sunset View

Another Sunset View

Left Part of the Rainbow

Middle Part of the Rainbow

Right Part of the Rainbow

Thank you, Mother Nature.

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