Saturday, April 18, 2009


When I was back in KL over the Easter weekend (9 - 13 April 2009), my family and I visited this seafood restaurant at Subang for dinner one night. The restaurant's called South Sea Seafood, located at 229, Jalan Dua A, Kg. Baru Subang. Tel.: 03-78465813 / 78461401. The restaurant should be obvious enough to spot, but if you need more assurance, it's the one with posters of Michelle Yim holding a lobster in her hand.

The food was very good, but I won't say it's cheap. They charge the kind of price you will normally expect from an established seafood restaurant in Selangor. However, their range of exotic live seafood is the largest I have seen in any seafood restaurant. Some of them I have never even knew existed (granted, my knowledge in seafood is intermediate at best).

Snow Crab
Flaunting all its show-white shell and long robust legs in full glory.

Snow Crab and Abalones
I guess snow crabs and abalones are compatible species. Hence, the shared habitat (read: aquarium).

One lobster may look harmless. But seeing how many lobsters they had in their aquariums that night gave me goosebumps. I never thought that lobsters can be that scary.

Sabah Lobsters
This is more expensive than the regular lobster. It's also less fierce-looking than the regular lobster, me thinks. Sabahans are known to be friendly people. I never thought that even our lobsters look friendlier!

Just oysters.

Mantis Prawns
They look like the kind of bug usually found in stacks of old, mouldy, paper documents.

Geoducks (wtf is this?!)
According to the restaurant staff, geoducks "meat" look and taste kinda like abalone.

An Abalone Stuck to the Aquarium Glass
I didn't know live abalone looks this disgusting. Who on earth first thought, "Hey, maybe I will crack open this piece of thing and eat whatever that I find inside!".

Unknown Shell Fish
Look kinda like snails to me.

Unknown Fish
I know, the photo missed out the fish head. I had to take this from an awkward position! Notice the glowing spots on the body of the fish, though. Looks poisonous, if you ask me.

We ordered bamboo clams ("chuk tan") cooked black-pepper style (RM20), half a chicken cooked with herbs (RM35), tiger prawns fried with butter (RM40), steamed bamboo fish (RM126), and stir-fried kailan (RM12). On top of that were the miscellaneous charges for plain water, Chinese tea, titbits, towels, and rice. There were 6 of us that night, and the dinner cost us RM278.05, including 5% government tax and no servcie charge! Fancy that!

All in all, I'd say this restaurant was worth visiting. Again, sorry for the lack of cooked-food photos kekekeke...we were all way too hungry to take pictures that night. Those live seafood photos were taken only after we were all satisfied with the cooked version.

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