Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Re-energiser Required

I know I returned from a trip home just one week ago. But I feel my energy is drained! I'm talking about mental and emotional energy. I need something to boost my spirits. Life has been too much of a routine nowadays. Time is crawling inch by inch. I need some major changes - good ones, of course!

I have been considering a few options. A haircut? Nahh... I just had my hair permed 4 months ago (has it been that long?!). Find a new hobby? Yes, I am trying to find one now. I just started playing World of Warcraft using a free trial account. It has been quite long since I played an MMORPG. It is a very good MMORPG, but I am still contemplating about the monthly fees (about SGD25).

Anyway, I doubt starting WoW will make me feel any more energised. I need a more substantial change than that. Like...moving to a new flat, or... changing jobs? Those are pretty big changes. I have given considerable thoughts to them. But moving is not a wise choice due to some trivial yet valid circumstances. Changing jobs... well, they say the economy is not in its best state now.

There is one thing that keeps me going, though. Something about home, which is not convenient for me to spill out here. All I can say is, when the day comes, I will be free and happy.

Sometimes the skeptical part of me will emerge and tell me I am just being naive. Things will still be the same even when that day comes.

But what harm is there to hope and dream, right?

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