Thursday, April 2, 2009


I woke up yesterday morning to find that my laptop harddisk has failed. Recovering the data is still a question mark. If it can be done, it could cost me anywhere between SGD100 and SGD200. I will know this Saturday whether the data can be recovered or not. Fingers crossed - I have so many years of collections of photos, videos, and music in there!

Here's the dilemma. The laptop is 3.5 years old, and the hardwares are beginning to get inadequate, although still functioning well. Installing a brand new 160GB harddisk would cost me SGD130. The data in the harddisk aside, the machine itself has become sentimental to me, having gone through so much with me over the years.

On the other hand, the MacBook 2.4GHz is so damn tempting....

I think this is what it would feel like in a long marriage. Over the years, you have grown to love and be attached to your partner. Then as you see another attractive man/woman, you feel tempted to be with him/her (in other words, cheat on your partner). In the end, what makes you not do it is your love and sentiments for your partner.

But then again, this isn't marriage. It is just a piece of machine. You know what? If the MacBook was free, I would ditch my old laptop anytime. So much for being sentimental.

Edit (6 April 2009, 1:23pm): I have decided to put my plan of conversion to Macintosh on hold. It's too much of a waste to buy a new laptop now when the old one is still working so well (except for the HDD, which can be so cheaply replaced). But then again, I'm going back to KL this Thursday. Who knows what temptation awaits me there.

Edit (7 April 2009, 7:42pm): Turns out the HDD was not the only thing that failed. The optical drive also failed. I spent SGD100 to replace the HDD for nothing. Good thing I can use the HDD as portable storage now, although I don't really need one. You know what this means? MacBook here I comeeeee!!!


Auron-Declan said...

how about getting it from Malaysia? will it make any price difference if compare to Singapore?

kaioucat said...

If judging by the cost of the macbook itself, it is cheaper to buy in Malaysia. But I am looking at macbook bundled with RAM upgrade and Apple Care. I need to survey in KL to see if there are any bundle promotions. So far in Sg, the best bundle price I get is SGD2880.

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