Saturday, April 25, 2009

Care Bear & My Little Pony

When I was younger, I used to love these shows and really, REALLY wish I could live in such colourful lands with such magical creatures. I always wanted so badly to own those Care Bare or My Little Pony dolls. But I never did. I was too shy to ask my parents to buy me one. See, I was the only girl in the family and I wasn't exactly outspoken. So I kept all my desires inside. Nobody knew how much I wanted a toy house, a Care Bear doll, or a My Little Pony doll, or video tapes of those shows. Sometimes, I get lucky when someone (come to think of it, I never knew who - was it Dad or Big Bro?) rented video tapes of those shows or when they show them on TV.

And so I grew up playing Legos, tapak, robot and soldier figurines, thanks to the predominantly-male siblings I have. Of course, I have my girly toys too, like this Hello Kitty doll (my one and only soft toy ever), which was given to me by my uncle. And then I had these masak-masak toys (toy cooking utensils), which I did play as masak-masak toys at first, but then eventually I ended up using the toy plates as flying discs and the forks as catapults.

So I tried watching Care Bear and My Little Pony on YouTube again today. I tried to find the awe I felt and the imaginations I had while watching those shows when I was a kid. Nope... I couldn't find them.

I guess I must've grown up.

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