Sunday, April 26, 2009


Massively Multiplayer Offline Public Pillow Fight

No kidding.

Wish I was there. Sigh~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Care Bear & My Little Pony

When I was younger, I used to love these shows and really, REALLY wish I could live in such colourful lands with such magical creatures. I always wanted so badly to own those Care Bare or My Little Pony dolls. But I never did. I was too shy to ask my parents to buy me one. See, I was the only girl in the family and I wasn't exactly outspoken. So I kept all my desires inside. Nobody knew how much I wanted a toy house, a Care Bear doll, or a My Little Pony doll, or video tapes of those shows. Sometimes, I get lucky when someone (come to think of it, I never knew who - was it Dad or Big Bro?) rented video tapes of those shows or when they show them on TV.

And so I grew up playing Legos, tapak, robot and soldier figurines, thanks to the predominantly-male siblings I have. Of course, I have my girly toys too, like this Hello Kitty doll (my one and only soft toy ever), which was given to me by my uncle. And then I had these masak-masak toys (toy cooking utensils), which I did play as masak-masak toys at first, but then eventually I ended up using the toy plates as flying discs and the forks as catapults.

So I tried watching Care Bear and My Little Pony on YouTube again today. I tried to find the awe I felt and the imaginations I had while watching those shows when I was a kid. Nope... I couldn't find them.

I guess I must've grown up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Re-energiser Required

I know I returned from a trip home just one week ago. But I feel my energy is drained! I'm talking about mental and emotional energy. I need something to boost my spirits. Life has been too much of a routine nowadays. Time is crawling inch by inch. I need some major changes - good ones, of course!

I have been considering a few options. A haircut? Nahh... I just had my hair permed 4 months ago (has it been that long?!). Find a new hobby? Yes, I am trying to find one now. I just started playing World of Warcraft using a free trial account. It has been quite long since I played an MMORPG. It is a very good MMORPG, but I am still contemplating about the monthly fees (about SGD25).

Anyway, I doubt starting WoW will make me feel any more energised. I need a more substantial change than that. Like...moving to a new flat, or... changing jobs? Those are pretty big changes. I have given considerable thoughts to them. But moving is not a wise choice due to some trivial yet valid circumstances. Changing jobs... well, they say the economy is not in its best state now.

There is one thing that keeps me going, though. Something about home, which is not convenient for me to spill out here. All I can say is, when the day comes, I will be free and happy.

Sometimes the skeptical part of me will emerge and tell me I am just being naive. Things will still be the same even when that day comes.

But what harm is there to hope and dream, right?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Twin Gifts from Mother Nature

It was as if she knew I was feeling down about leaving home. The photos below were taken en route to Singapore on 13 April 2009, about 7:00pm, at Kawasan Rehat Pagoh (Pagoh Rest Area).

Although, it was not the most beautiful sunset I've seen (the most beautiful one I've seen was in Kota Kinabalu), but it certainly was the most beautiful rainbow I've seen in person. This double rainbow far outshined the one I saw a coupla months ago outside my Singapore flat (not mine, just where I rent a room).

I guess the most wonderful thing is that these two natural phenomena were happening just opposite each other on the same sky. When I look left, I see the double rainbows. When I look right, I see the bright, orange sunset.

Neither of them lasted long, though. The rainbow started fading away almost as quickly as it was formed. The changes in the sunset sky colour was so gradual (but too quickly), it was almost unnoticeable. Like a pseudo-equilibrium chemical reaction - so slow and gradual that it seems like it's not moving.

My only regret is that I didn't have a better camera with me that evening to capture these stunning, breathtaking views. My Sony Ericsson W902 phone camera seriously does not do them justice.

Sunset View

Another Sunset View

Left Part of the Rainbow

Middle Part of the Rainbow

Right Part of the Rainbow

Thank you, Mother Nature.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


When I was back in KL over the Easter weekend (9 - 13 April 2009), my family and I visited this seafood restaurant at Subang for dinner one night. The restaurant's called South Sea Seafood, located at 229, Jalan Dua A, Kg. Baru Subang. Tel.: 03-78465813 / 78461401. The restaurant should be obvious enough to spot, but if you need more assurance, it's the one with posters of Michelle Yim holding a lobster in her hand.

The food was very good, but I won't say it's cheap. They charge the kind of price you will normally expect from an established seafood restaurant in Selangor. However, their range of exotic live seafood is the largest I have seen in any seafood restaurant. Some of them I have never even knew existed (granted, my knowledge in seafood is intermediate at best).

Snow Crab
Flaunting all its show-white shell and long robust legs in full glory.

Snow Crab and Abalones
I guess snow crabs and abalones are compatible species. Hence, the shared habitat (read: aquarium).

One lobster may look harmless. But seeing how many lobsters they had in their aquariums that night gave me goosebumps. I never thought that lobsters can be that scary.

Sabah Lobsters
This is more expensive than the regular lobster. It's also less fierce-looking than the regular lobster, me thinks. Sabahans are known to be friendly people. I never thought that even our lobsters look friendlier!

Just oysters.

Mantis Prawns
They look like the kind of bug usually found in stacks of old, mouldy, paper documents.

Geoducks (wtf is this?!)
According to the restaurant staff, geoducks "meat" look and taste kinda like abalone.

An Abalone Stuck to the Aquarium Glass
I didn't know live abalone looks this disgusting. Who on earth first thought, "Hey, maybe I will crack open this piece of thing and eat whatever that I find inside!".

Unknown Shell Fish
Look kinda like snails to me.

Unknown Fish
I know, the photo missed out the fish head. I had to take this from an awkward position! Notice the glowing spots on the body of the fish, though. Looks poisonous, if you ask me.

We ordered bamboo clams ("chuk tan") cooked black-pepper style (RM20), half a chicken cooked with herbs (RM35), tiger prawns fried with butter (RM40), steamed bamboo fish (RM126), and stir-fried kailan (RM12). On top of that were the miscellaneous charges for plain water, Chinese tea, titbits, towels, and rice. There were 6 of us that night, and the dinner cost us RM278.05, including 5% government tax and no servcie charge! Fancy that!

All in all, I'd say this restaurant was worth visiting. Again, sorry for the lack of cooked-food photos kekekeke...we were all way too hungry to take pictures that night. Those live seafood photos were taken only after we were all satisfied with the cooked version.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interim Post

I have some stuff to blog about, but am just too busy to write. Suffice to say now that I had a great time back in KL over the Easter weekend, spending quality time with family.

I am also now a happy owner of an Apple MacBook. Still trying to get accustomed to it. So far, the experience is still an enjoyable one. Don't think this euphoria will last long, though.

Will write more details soon.

P/S: It seems like everyone is all set out to full blast mode around this time. Everyone is very busy with work. Stress is accumulating everyday. I miss the holiday season. Sigh...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Death from Food Poisoning

The following news piece is obtained from Channel News Asia website:

SINGAPORE : A woman died in hospital Monday morning after becoming ill from a meal consumed at a food stall in a Geylang Serai market.

57-year-old Madam Aminah Samijo died after suffering from severe food poisoning after having eaten at the Rojak Geylang Serai stall last Friday.

She later went into a coma, making her the worst hit among the more than 100 people who also sought treatment after eating at the stall.

The Health Ministry confirmed that Madam Aminah died at 6.50am at the Changi General Hospital on Monday.

Her body has been moved to the Singapore General Hospital for autopsy.

This being the 21st century, you'd think that food poisoning is a minuscule health risk, especially if you compare it with the other "more popular" diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Who would've thought that food poisoning can still kill in today's strict food regulations and advance medical technology. I mean, unless the food is purposely spiked, what could possibly get into the food that can kill that quickly when consumed? Surely if it's that poisonous, it would've tasted weird, wouldn't it? Maybe I'm just not that enlightened about poisons.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fool's Day is Over?!

I just realised I totally forgot about April Fool's Day this year. I had to be reminded about it through a chit-chat with some colleagues about how someone else got fooled on the day. Luckily nobody pulled any pranks on me. I could have been the easiest victim.

But then again, it was on April Fool's Day both my personal laptop and office laptop died on me. It could be fate pulling an April Fool's joke on me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I woke up yesterday morning to find that my laptop harddisk has failed. Recovering the data is still a question mark. If it can be done, it could cost me anywhere between SGD100 and SGD200. I will know this Saturday whether the data can be recovered or not. Fingers crossed - I have so many years of collections of photos, videos, and music in there!

Here's the dilemma. The laptop is 3.5 years old, and the hardwares are beginning to get inadequate, although still functioning well. Installing a brand new 160GB harddisk would cost me SGD130. The data in the harddisk aside, the machine itself has become sentimental to me, having gone through so much with me over the years.

On the other hand, the MacBook 2.4GHz is so damn tempting....

I think this is what it would feel like in a long marriage. Over the years, you have grown to love and be attached to your partner. Then as you see another attractive man/woman, you feel tempted to be with him/her (in other words, cheat on your partner). In the end, what makes you not do it is your love and sentiments for your partner.

But then again, this isn't marriage. It is just a piece of machine. You know what? If the MacBook was free, I would ditch my old laptop anytime. So much for being sentimental.

Edit (6 April 2009, 1:23pm): I have decided to put my plan of conversion to Macintosh on hold. It's too much of a waste to buy a new laptop now when the old one is still working so well (except for the HDD, which can be so cheaply replaced). But then again, I'm going back to KL this Thursday. Who knows what temptation awaits me there.

Edit (7 April 2009, 7:42pm): Turns out the HDD was not the only thing that failed. The optical drive also failed. I spent SGD100 to replace the HDD for nothing. Good thing I can use the HDD as portable storage now, although I don't really need one. You know what this means? MacBook here I comeeeee!!!