Monday, March 16, 2009

Tanjung Pinang Trip (14 - 15 March 2009)

Day 1 (Saturday, 14 Mar 2009)

We (Friend #1 and I) boarded the 1.10pm Indo Falcon ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Return tickets cost SGD52 per person (SGD50 for the tickets, SGD2 for administrative fee if you wish to collect your return ticket at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal). Due to lack of sleep the night before (karaoke with colleagues until 2am >.<), I spent most of the 2-hour ferry ride sleeping. If you like sunray on your face and the wind in your hair, go to the roof of the ferry (which I did for a while, but was too sleepy to enjoy it).
Not my sketch. Got this from Wikitravel.

Arrived at Tanjung Pinang's Sri Bintan Pura Ferry Terminal at about 2pm local time (that's 3pm Singapore time). Spent the rest of the day walking around Tanjung Pinang town for sight-seeing and food. Had soto ayam along the way, which they serve with rice. Checked into Jo-Jo Hotel at 6pm local time. Cost 150,000Rp a night for a Deluxe room (king size bed, TV, bathroom, heater, aircon). That's about SGD20. The room wasn't clean as a whistle, but SGD20 per night it dirt cheap, me thinks. It's just 5 min walk from town centre and the ferry terminal. Had nasi padang for late dinner just outside the hotel. Cheap and tasted good.

Sorry, no photos from Day 1. Photos of Tanjung Pinang town can be found in Day 2.

Day 2 (Sunday, 15 Mar 2009)

Woke up at 8am local time. Went out to look for breakast. Found a Chinese coffee shop that sells chicken rice, wantan mee, and kolo mee. Kinda crowded. We had wantan mee with milo ping. Cost us just 24,000Rp.

Then, we hired a public van to bring us to the famous Pantai Trikora about 50km east of Tanjung Pinang. Set off at around 10am local time and arrived at Pantai Trikora 1.5 hours later. It was drizzling when we arrived. Hence, the looming dark clouds in the photos below.

Our drivers cum tour guides for the day. We paid them 250,000Rp for a whole-day hire.

After spending about 45 mins are Pantai Trikora, our tour guides brought us to a waterfall at Gunung Lengkuas. It was a disappointment. The journey there took 1.5 hours and we spent just 15 minutes there. But we did have some yummy-licious air bandung there.

So we left Gunung Lengkuas to go back to Tanjung Pinang. Reached Tanjung Pinang at 3pm local time. Had KFC for late lunch. The KFC here serves hot and spicy fried chicken by default. They don't have original fried chicken. All their combo meals come with rice. Oh, did I mention it's cheap? 26,000Rp for 2 pieces of chicken, some rice, and a bottle of fruit tea. All that for about SGD3.50.

After KFC, we had 2 hours to kill before heading to the ferry terminal to catch our ferry back to Singapore. So we walked around the town again and this time, I took pictures for the blog. The town looks kinda dead in these photos, but it was much busier with bustling activities just the day before.

My favourite place at Tanjung Pinang (besides Pantai Trikora) would be the kampung air (water village). It seems like most of the people in Tanjung Pinang lives in such houses built on top of sea water. The houses were built along a very narrow lorong (alley) with speed bumps to limit the speed of motorbikes, which are the main transportation means for people living in these houses. The houses were built so close to each other that neighbours can see right into each others' houses just by looking out of their windows. The whole setting had a very cozy feeling to it.

A blissfully-sleeping cat

People at Tanjung Pinang seems to love pets and gardening a lot.

This is the end of the lorong.

More houses built on sea beyond the end of the lorongs, accessible only by sampans.

The ugly part of the kampung

We arrived at Sri Bintan Pura Ferry Terminal by foot at about 4.30pm local time. Check-in starts at 5.30pm, so we decided to hang around the jetty. I killed time by taking more photos from Sri Bintan Pura Ferry Terminal:

The Ferry Terminal

The Land

The Water

The Sky

The walkway


Back to daily routine.


Nat said...

Love trips that involve food! Any photos of the food? I truly crave for nice asian food... if I can't eat it, i'll just have to settle with looking *sigh*

kaioucat said...

LOL i'm so sorry, Nat...I didn't take any photos of the food. Never had that habit. Maybe I should start doing that.

Just for you, I'm going to take pics of food I eat everyday and post them up hahahaha!

simoncsyen said...

yea..different countries serve with different taste of foods...i think kaiou u reli should take pics on the foods what i did!hehehe!

eh this place is interesting!i never knw this place b4 bah!it's a town or island?the texture of the sand seems very soft...

kaioucat said...

Tg Pinang is a town on an island called Pulau Bintan. The north part of the island is filled with resorts mostly developed by Singapore, but still considered under Indonesia. That place is called Bintan Resorts. Something like Singapore renting the land from Indonesia.

You can refer to the map in the blog post to see where Bintan Resorts is, and where Tg Pinang is.

Anonymous said...

Tg Pinang is a very nice and relaxing place to go to if you are planning to go overseas for a short period of time.The first picture u took when u were walking around town is called Jalan Plantar grandma lives there so I often visit them there.If u are going to look for a hotel there I would strongly recommend hotel Melia previously known as Hotel is very nice and very close to the ferry jetty it only cost about S$40+.there is also a very nice seafood restraunt behind the hotel that serves a variety of nice seafood the best dish would be their flower crabs.

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