Sunday, March 1, 2009

Smile Factor #11

You know how some songs just make you smile everytime you listen to them? Well some videos have the same effect - only stronger!


I love Lion King and Timon & Pumba was one of my favourite shows. I used to watch Cartoon Network in between programs just hoping they'd show this music video. It made me laugh so hard the first few times watching it. Now, it just warms in my heart and puts a smile on my face.

While searching for that video, I also found this video of Pat & Stanley (a hippo and a dog) singing Lion Sleeps Tonight. My office was recently furnished with potted live plants. Now every time I enter my office, this song starts playing in my mind. Talk about Green Office...


Nat said...

hi kaiou! now that i have internet, i'll be a regular visitor of your blog =) the stand by me video is hilarious!! that definitely puts a smile on my face. Hope all is well for you, kaiou.

kaioucat said...

thanks for visiting, Nat! Hope things are OK for u too!

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