Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Glamourous Professions

I mainly watch two types of TV series - American TV series and Hong Kong drama series. One thing I find in common between American and Hong Kong series is that they like to use certain professions as their themes. These professions are often recycled from series to series.

They have shows about lawyers...

Survivor's Law (TVB)

Ally McBeal (FOX)


Scrubs (NBC)

Healing Hands (TVB)



Detective Investigation Files (TVB)

...and forensic investigators.

Forensic Heroes (TVB)

Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)

In HK drama series, we have an even wider range of occupations.

They have nurses...

The White Flame (TVB)


Burning Flame (TVB)


Wasabi Mon Amour (TVB)


Triumph in the Skies (TVB)

...and fashion designers.

Dream of Colours (TVB)

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind them using reoccurring themes as long as the quality of the show is good and the plot is original. Unfortunately (especially in the case of HK series), the storylines are annoyingly similar to one another! Thank goodness nowadays the trend to produce HK drama series based on certain professions has died down a little. Just a little.

Then I start to wonder what would a show about engineers be like? Or are life of engineers simply too boring to be made into a TV show? As if doctors and lawyers in real life really do most of those things shown on TV, right? So can't someone produce a TV series about engineers and glamourise the profession like what they did for the other occupations?

I am well past the phase of being able to watch TV shows and aspire to be just like one of those fictional characters, and then choose my course of studies based on which glamourous life I want to lead - do I want to be Ally McBeal or J.D. from Scrubs? But what's stopping us now from creating TV shows to aspire engineers-to-be, right? At least give them some hopes, right?

LOL. Who am I trying to kid. TV series about engineers, yeah right. LOL.

P/S: I'm an engineer (or so it says in my name card). I, therefore, reserve the right to insult the engineering profession. Ah hell, anybody can insult it and I won't give a damn. Yeap, I love my profession that much.'s how much I love engineering:


nat said...

hmm... maybe its hard to make a story about engineers because the public in general don't really see them in action? or do they?

i wonder whether there are dramas about dish washers

kaioucat said...

LOL dramas about dish washer would probably be easier to make than dramas about engineers.

Somehow the first thing that comes to my mind about dish washer is this scene from Shaolin Soccer, where one of Stephen Chow's sect-brothers was a bald dish washer.

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