Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Typical Attempt to Organise an Outing

SMS correspondence between my "friends" and I on Tuesday morning:

kaioucat: I need a get-away. Who's up for Pulau Upin this weekend?


Friend #1: Can. Pengerang or?

Friend #2: Tmr my company will isolate me in Jurong Island from the world for 3 days! I need a "get-return" in weekend!

kaioucat to Friend #1: Anything.

Friend #1: Okay. Ubin ba

Friend #3: Omg ubin pokai sob (long story)

Friend #4: When are we going? Sat or Sun?

kaioucat to Friend #4: Prefer Sat.

Friend #3: Ubin ngo mmm hoi lo. Ho mong ah ni pai. (Translation: I'm not going lo. Very busy ah this time)

Friend #5: Me cant. Got badminton.

kaioucat to Friend #1: Pulau Ubin not laku.

Friend #1: Haha. Then what you wanna do to get away?

kaioucat to Friend #1: Dunno. Maybe go alone.

Friend #1: I can go if you want.

Score 1 out of 5. Not too bad already, considering the outing always end up canceled in the end.

Some "friends" I have, innit?


Lucille said...

I totally feel you, woman.

Remember those days when we both feel bored and terus call each other up to go makan angin?

Miss those days~

kaioucat said...

I miss those days too. I'm glad we've had so much fun last time. At least we now have the memories to live by.

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