Saturday, February 21, 2009

Third Trip to Pulau Ubin

So I went to Pulau Ubin today. I am now tomato-red from sunburn. But the trip was fun and relaxing, although tiring (got bloody lost in the tracks >.<). Like before, we cycled around and my crotch now hurts whenever I sit down, no thanks to the bicycle butt rest. LOL! Too much information, sorry.

There was this really cute kitten, though, which reminded me so much of Gucci. And she was really friendly! After playing with her for a while, she started following me around, so much so I had to carry her further into the compounds of her home before quickly running back to my bicycle and speed off.

Thanks, Friend #1, for helping me release some of my work stress and frustration from last night (gosh, I was pretty pissed off there!).

kaioucat is now OK again.

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