Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009!

Valentine's Day is the day couples have the rights to PDA (that's Public Display of Affection, not Personal Digital Assistant, you nerd!). That is why if you're single, you'd most probably want to stay at home on Valentine's Day. Unless, of course, you have lots of other single friends around to celebrate the love of friendship together. This practice of celebrating friendship on Valentine's Day, I think, is created to make the day less unbearable for the singles. But it also makes it worse for those who are single, and have no other single friends around to celebrate with! Like yours truly...

Having said that, to all the single and lonely out there, even if your loved ones are far away, you still have one person to love on Valentine's Day - yourself! (Note: I am not encouraging narcissism). So you know what that means? It means everyone can celebrate Valentine's Day!

So...Happy Valentine's Day!

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