Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Good Sign?

It was drizzling on my way home from work yesterday. And then I saw a rainbow and snapped a picture of it.

A Double Rainbow
Hope this is a good sign that things are starting to get better.

I didn't notice the second rainbow until I looked at this picture. Then I started to wonder how a second rainbow appears. So I googled it up and found this webpage about rainbows.

Below is an extract from the webpage:

What makes a double rainbow?

Sometimes we see two rainbows at once, what causes this? We have followed the path of a ray of sunlight as it enters and is reflected inside the raindrop. But not all of the energy of the ray escapes the raindrop after it is reflected once. A part of the ray is reflected again and travels along inside the drop to emerge from the drop. The rainbow we normally see is called the primary rainbow and is produced by one internal reflection; the secondary rainbow arises from two internal reflections and the rays exit the drop at an angle of 50 degrees° rather than the 42°degrees for the red primary bow. Blue light emerges at an even larger angle of 53 degrees°. his effect produces a secondary rainbow that has its colors reversed compared to the primary, as illustrated in the
drawing, adapted from the Science Universe Series Sight, Light, and Color.

It is possible for light to be reflected more than twice within a raindrop, and one can calculate where the higher order rainbows might be seen; but these are never seen in normal circumstances.

There are other interesting stuff in the webpage like "What makes the bow?" and "Why is the sky brighter inside a rainbow?" (I've never even noticed this detail until I saw this webpage).
Also, try googling for images of rainbows and double rainbows. There are some really beautiful images that makes you wonder if they are even real!

Speaking of which, have you ever wished you could witness a majestic, beautiful, and surreal-looking scenery at least once in your lifetime? Like an aurora, or a really, really beautiful sunset? I should jot this down in my List-of-Things-to-do-before-I-Die...


Kelvin said...

Double rainbow we saw it many times la, back in kk. I saw a sky full of stars, while climbing mount kinabalu, too bad i was too tired to enjoy them, lol.

kaioucat said...

Speaking of Mount KK, I'm actually thinking of climbing it end of this year. But I'm scared lol.

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