Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Have you ever worked and hoped so hard to achieve something, yet that thing never happens? Doesn't it make your life miserable? Maybe, just maybe, at times like these, we could try adjusting our expectations and really look at what we already have. You might be surprised that what you already have is not too bad after all, and is already enough to make your old self happy. You would realise that what you wanted sometime ago is what you have now, and what you have grown to want now is making you forget that you have actually obtained what you wanted before.

If you fail to pause to reflect on your achievements and count your blessings, you will never realise what you already have. Your mind will be filled with what you don't have but desire for. Before you know it, your whole life will be spent trying to achieve goals upon goals, without ever feeling satisfied with what you already have.

Sometimes, the key to happiness is right here in front of us. You know what they always say: If you can't change the outside, change the inside.

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