Thursday, January 1, 2009


First of all, once again, Happy New Year 2009 to all! Hope you had a pleasant New Year's Eve and have a good New Year's Day today.

Last night, like millions of other people in Singapore and Malaysia, I was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 12. Although I wasn't at the hippest countdown party in town with crowds dressed in their fanciest, I was happy to be able to pass 12 midnight with some close friends, at a not-too-crowded beach somewhere north of Singapore.

There wasn't a mass countdown. The groups of people there did their own countdown at slightly different timings. Just for the sake of marking the end of the year, I suppose. But for the rest of us, the new year was marked with the first fireworks that went off at the opposite Johor's southern shore. Nothing too impressive, but it was still nice to have them.

Up until then, I was feeling all excited to usher in 2009. But as soon as the first fireworks went off, and people started cheering behind me (I was sitting close to the waters on the beach, facing the sea), I felt a sudden pang of sadness. Even now, I still don't really know how to describe the feeling, or why I felt that way. It all suddenly crashed on me that 2008 is gone, along with all the things that have happened, both the good and the bad.

2008 was the first full working year in my life. It certainly has changed me in many ways. There were the strengthened friendships, tightened family bonds, self-discoveries, and new-found hopes. And then there were the wasted times, missed opportunities, and destroyed hopes. Countless unforgettable memories were created in 2008.

There are many spill-overs from 2008 that has yet to be resolved, and it is uncertain how things will end up. All I can do now is wish that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and as for those trying things that are going to happen (I already foresee some), I wish that I can have the strength and wisdom to face them.

Just a little something positive to start the new year with. I found this in my collection of old pictures. This was taken on 10 Feb 2006, in my old room at Pasir Panjang, back in university days. Almost 3 years ago.

Happy 2009 once again, everyone!

P/s: Check out this super cute video from about new year's resolutions.

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