Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something's Amiss this Year

Usually around this time of the year, I'm all hyped over the Christmas and New Year holidays. But this year, I just don't feel all that joyful. I keep listening to Christmas songs over and over again. Alas, the nearer it is to the holidays, the gloomier I feel.

What is it about this year that makes it so different? Maybe it's the consternation that I might be going through Christmas and New Year's Day alone this year. That's right, my first Christmas and New Year alone. Where are my friends? They are either across the seas or across the straits.

What about my local friends? Sometimes I wonder if I really have any. Let's just say I don't think spending the holidays with them will necessarily be better than doing it alone.

But then again, it's still some time to go before the holidays. Maybe it won't be so bad after all?


Tiffany said...

My Dear, due to malfunction of MSN I am resort to leave a msg here. ANyway I totally with whatever u said here. I feel the same way as u. Last year we had Xmas party this year?/ Everyone so busy dating and making out ( some ppl around ) they all ignore my presence. ALL 99% of my frens are all attached. Worst part is they all see gf or bf forget what is friend poor me. I MISS u like mad!! Maybe I should go Singapore and stay with u !!!

Today I wanted to go Midvalley. And got 3 frens talking of going too...BUT with bf/gf.... hahaha. so me...........don't have the courage to ask can I join? Since they looking with lovey eyes at each other already. sigh sigh sigh....

ok. Anyway I am alright if u wanna meet earlier. just give me a call or sms. Miss u like mad.

p/s: i am totally NOT the type to forget frens when with bf. why am i so bad luck to be among these group of ppl who is so 'lovey'.

kaioucat said...

Hey Tiff,

I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah, some people are really lousy in that sense. Dating = eveything for these ppl. Sorry this afternoon I couldn't talk with u longer. But if you're coming down to Sg for Christmas, that would be just wonderful. Two lonely ladies spending quality time without the woes of bf issues! Hehehe...I miss you too. Whatever it is, I hope our holidays are not as bad as we think.

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