Friday, December 26, 2008


They say mild sickness is a blessing (小病是福). I say it depends on how mild. I now have weak muscles, slight headache, and I am feeling slightly cold. Feels like an onset of a fever, yet it's too mild to go to a doctor. Alas, it's Friday afternoon and if it were to develop into a full-fledged fever, there goes my weekend. Noooooo!!!

I shall practice the Law of Attraction and think healthy!

If you're wondering what the Law of Attraction is, try reading or watching The Secret.

P/s: I remember falling sick during Christmas last year too. What is this? Literally Christmas fever?


n said...

Hey Kaiou, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope you don't fall sick and have a nice weekend. I'm thinking of going down to singapore la one of these days..can I crash with u there? ;)

Take care babe.. *hugs*


kaioucat said...

Hi Nur!!

I wish i could say yes to ur request! But unfortunately i'm a poor tenant under the mercy of my stingy landlady (with whom i'm staying with). So i'm afraid i can't help u with the accommodation here...but please please do call me when u're here! roughly bila u coming? for how long and with whom??

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