Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swimming for the First Time in 6 Years

Number of years since I last swam: 6

Number of kilograms gained since the last time I swam: 20

Number of people who encouraged me to pick up swimming again: 3

Number of minutes to buy a new swim wear: 50

Number of dollars spent on new swim wear: 170

Number of dollar spent on new goggles: 38

Number of minutes to put on dry swim wear: 10 (!!!)

Number of minutes to walk from home to swimming complex: 15

Number of dollars spent on entrance ticket: 1.3

Number of cents spent on locker: 40 for failed first attempt, 20 for second attempt with smaller locker

Number of minutes spent sitting by the pool trying to gather courage to take off my clothes: 60

Number of hours spent swimming: 1.5

Number of laps done before getting tired: 1 (>.<)

Number of minutes spent showering and change with half-paralysed limbs: 40

Number of people left in the pool after getting out of the changing room: 0

Number of people left in the swimming complex after getting out of the complex: 0 (|||=.=)

Number of hours spent throughout the entire experience: 3.5

My feeling right now:

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bongkersz said...

I can't swim, I can only dive. No matter how I try.. I can't swim. ROTFLMAO!

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