Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smile Factor #9

My friends and I used to translate our National Anthem from Bahasa Malaysia to English. We didn't translate the whole song but we did spontaneously sing the first few verses in English. It went like this:

My country (Negaraku)
My blood spills on the sand (Tanah tumpahnya darahku)
The people live (Rakyat hidup)
United and advanced (Bersatu dan maju)


We gave up at "Rahmat bahagia" because we didn't know what is "rahmat" in English.

This post is with all due respect to the Malaysian National Anthem. There is no intention of defaming the anthem or the country in any manner. I love my country. Please don't pull a namewee stunt on me.


bongkersz said...

Rahmat is 'blessing' in English :P

kaioucat said...


Unfortunately, I find this out 10 years too late. xP

Thanks for the enlightenment!

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