Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo

My friend Momok has influenced me on quite a number of things throughout the time I've known her. The latest is Jigoku Shoujo, also known as Hell Girl or Girl from Hell. I usually don't fancy anime much, but when I watched the first episode of Jigoku Shoujo on YouTube, I was hooked. Now I am already in the middle of Season 2. Season 3 is currently airing in Japan.

This anime is good, but it should be watched sparingly. Being me, I marathoned the whole of Season 1, as it was pretty addictive. I'm begining to regret having done that. The theme of the story is about hatred, revenge, and death. Not a very good show to watch when you are in the brink of depression or if you are trying to release stress.

Anyway. Here's the opening clip. Enjoy.

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