Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Smile Factor #10

My previous post on 21 Nov reminded me of something that is actually a Smile Factor. Before Ah Ten left KK for good around 6 years ago, I used to visit her almost everyday at her house (which was only occupied by her and her sister), either helping her with her course assignments or just to hang out. She introduced to me the then massively popular Taiwanese series called "Meteor Garden". My standard of Mandarin at the time was very poor, so Ah Ten had to translate to me every single dialogue as the show progressed. I was never keen in Taiwanese romance soap, but I admittedly was kinda hooked. I was even a fan of F4 for a while there (LOL!!!).

Anyway, the Smile Factor here is how diligent Ah Ten was at translating the dialogues to me (and once, to Momok as well). She did a good job! Once, she had to go to the bathroom in the middle of an episode. While she was away, a dramatic scene happened (which involved reading of a letter), and I was left utterly clueless as to what everyone was getting all upset about. I was practically yelling at Ah Ten to come back quickly to translate for me.

Oh, the folly of youth...

Cute Cat Video

Cats usually chase after laser pointer lights, fluffy baits, yarn balls, and their own tails. But have you seen cats that chase after...cardboard boxes? This cat seemed to have the affinity for being stuck in cardboard boxes. A claustrophilia cat...hmmm...

I can't embed the video, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPzNl6NKAG0

Did I mention how cute this cat is?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nothing Beats Old Friendships

Ah Ten and her sister were in Singapore for a night due to flight redirection. Although yesterday was a very tiring day for me, plus I went swimming after work, I still managed to drag myself out of the house and meet them in their hotel at 10pm. I also managed to take a last-minute half-day leave from work this morning, so I could spend more time with them. We only slept for 5 hours. Both them and myself had a long day ahead (me work, them journey to KL). But for me, it was well worth the fatigue and the taxi rides. Although we hadn't met for more than 3 years, it certainly didn't feel like it at all. It felt like just yesterday we were marathoning Meteor Garden together and cooking Maggi mee for supper.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Swimming for the First Time in 6 Years

Number of years since I last swam: 6

Number of kilograms gained since the last time I swam: 20

Number of people who encouraged me to pick up swimming again: 3

Number of minutes to buy a new swim wear: 50

Number of dollars spent on new swim wear: 170

Number of dollar spent on new goggles: 38

Number of minutes to put on dry swim wear: 10 (!!!)

Number of minutes to walk from home to swimming complex: 15

Number of dollars spent on entrance ticket: 1.3

Number of cents spent on locker: 40 for failed first attempt, 20 for second attempt with smaller locker

Number of minutes spent sitting by the pool trying to gather courage to take off my clothes: 60

Number of hours spent swimming: 1.5

Number of laps done before getting tired: 1 (>.<)

Number of minutes spent showering and change with half-paralysed limbs: 40

Number of people left in the pool after getting out of the changing room: 0

Number of people left in the swimming complex after getting out of the complex: 0 (|||=.=)

Number of hours spent throughout the entire experience: 3.5

My feeling right now:

Smile Factor #9

My friends and I used to translate our National Anthem from Bahasa Malaysia to English. We didn't translate the whole song but we did spontaneously sing the first few verses in English. It went like this:

My country (Negaraku)
My blood spills on the sand (Tanah tumpahnya darahku)
The people live (Rakyat hidup)
United and advanced (Bersatu dan maju)


We gave up at "Rahmat bahagia" because we didn't know what is "rahmat" in English.

This post is with all due respect to the Malaysian National Anthem. There is no intention of defaming the anthem or the country in any manner. I love my country. Please don't pull a namewee stunt on me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jigoku Shoujo

My friend Momok has influenced me on quite a number of things throughout the time I've known her. The latest is Jigoku Shoujo, also known as Hell Girl or Girl from Hell. I usually don't fancy anime much, but when I watched the first episode of Jigoku Shoujo on YouTube, I was hooked. Now I am already in the middle of Season 2. Season 3 is currently airing in Japan.

This anime is good, but it should be watched sparingly. Being me, I marathoned the whole of Season 1, as it was pretty addictive. I'm begining to regret having done that. The theme of the story is about hatred, revenge, and death. Not a very good show to watch when you are in the brink of depression or if you are trying to release stress.

Anyway. Here's the opening clip. Enjoy.