Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What You Need To Know to be In the Construction Industry

Two things:
  1. Knowledge in marketing
  2. Knowledge in law
Why? Because in the construction industry, you need to do mainly two things:
  1. Ensure the contract is awarded to you. Promise your client you can build Rome in one day at ridiculously attractive prices. If you're confident enough about your knowledge in law, promise the sun, moon, and stars too.
  2. When contract is awarded to you, conveniently fail to build the envisaged Rome in one day, at the same time bursting all projected budget. Practice your law skills here to claim that you are not contractually responsible, or smother the blame on other parties. If you're good enough, put the blame on your clients. If you're really good, claim for losses from the blamed party(ies).

Construction is the most corrupt industry after politics.
- CYH, 13 Oct 2008, MSN Chat -

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bongkersz said...

Oh? You are in the construction industry? Indeed construction industry is one of the most corrupt industry. Well, with so many CON-tractors, CON-sultants around..

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