Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now This is What I Call Dessert

While I was in Pune, India 2 months ago, I had the pleasure of tasting one of their common desserts simply called the sizzling brownie.

The 8th Deadly Sin

It's like our normal hot brownies served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, except that they serve them on a burning hot pan and pour chocolate syrup all over it causing the chocolate syrup to sizzle. The sizzling chocolate syrup gives out a baking chocolate cake smell. When it cools down a bit, it turns into this chewy texture, like the caramel in Snickers, except that this is chocolate. One bite into the hot brownie with cold vanilla ice-cream and hot chewy chocolate sent me straight to heaven. *cue We're In Heaven by DJ Sammy*

The recipe and method of making this is actually so simple, I don't know why no restaurant in Malaysia and Singapore (as far as I know) is selling this.


emmy said...

they hv something like this in Swensens.. =)

kaioucat said...

*gasp* really?!

Now that u mentioned, i think i can recall seeing it in their menu.

But I'm so tempted to go to Swensens!

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