Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old Skool Tag


I saw this tag in bonkersz's blog. Interesting topic to blog about, since I'm a sucker for going down memory lane. So, here it goes.

1) 5 bad habits when you were in your school days

*Form 4: Vandalised wooden furniture with blanko. But it was quite artistic. Our classroom was in the makmal kimia (chemical lab), so our chairs were actually wooden stools. There were 2 stools with extra big butt rest (suitable for my big butt). I marked one with my name in blanko, the other was taken by my best pal sitting next to me. I wonder if those stools are still there...

*Form 4-5: Bringing too many stationery in a huge-ass pencil case. Influenced by my best pal. Our pencil cases used to be some of the most well-equiped ones. Colourful pens, blanko, staplers, scissors, glue, you name it, we've got it.

*Although I was rarely late for school, I always seem to be rushing in the morning. Not sure why.

*Form 1-2: There was one period of time when I kept frequenting the bathroom to fix my ponytail. My hair HAD to be 100% perfect. One strand of hair out of place, and I'd retie the whole ponytail. I also pulled my hair back so hard, I'm amazed my scalp stayed put.

*I'm ashamed to admit this, but I was involved in quite a lot of gossiping and bad-mouthing. I feel so guilty towards the people I've bad-mouthed about. I'm really sorry.

2) 3 of your favorite subjects.. why?

*Math - because I love math, and I was always the top student! Hehehe...

*Art - because I love art. Especially love the day when we were all supposed to submit our completed assignment. My works always get awed at ^^.

*Physics - because I love physics, and the teacher was funny.

3) 3 subjects that you dislike.. why?

*History: Boring to death. For PMR, I was so confident I could score straight A's. Ended up with an only B in Sejarah, while all my friends happily celebrated their straight A's. That was my lowest point in my secondary school life. But that event boosted my spirits to work even harder. I aced my SPM Sejarah ^^.

*Pendidikan Moral: I hated this subject only in Form 4 and 5. In lower secondary and in primary school, I kinda liked moral because it always involved short stories with moral values. Didn't really see the point of studying this subject after it became all memorising work in SPM.

*Geography: This was in lower secondary only. I simply hated this subject, although not all of it. So boring. Although, I enjoyed reading the atlases that came as part of the textbook lists, but they were usually useless when it came to studying for exams.

4) Interesting About Me

*Moved house A LOT. My phone numbers kept changing that people always doubt if the one they had was the latest one.

*I had the reputation of being too nice, too law-abiding, and too studious. A nerd, really. But not an anti-social nerd.

*A junior once called me an idol. Well, me and another 2 friends of mine, actually. We were sort of the 3 top students back then, and we were best pals.

5) I used to love..

*The first day of school after a long holiday, especially if it's a new academic year. New class, new textbooks, new stationeries, new uniforms, new seats. Oh man, how I wish I can have a taste of that feeling again.

*Rainy school days. Got excuse to wear sweaters to school!

*Getting exam/test papers back - if I knew I aced the paper, that is, which was most of the time lah.

Edit (19 Sep 2008): Forgot to add this one in.
*Playing lipat-lipat. It's this game where everyone in a circle writes someone's name on a strip of paper, fold it to obscure it, then pass it to the next person, who passes his/her strip to the next, and then everyone inserts an adverb, and then pass to the next person to insert an action word, followed by another person's name and an apostrophe S , followed by body parts until the words form a complete sentence. Opening the strips of papers to reveal the sentences always ended up with roars of laughter! Some of them were disgusting, like this one: Someone attentively licking someone's armpit. Some were simply bizzare: Someone gracefully pulled someone's trachea. I say this is still a great game to play even as adults, but only amongst really close friends.

6) I couldn’t live without..

*My best pals. They are still my best pals until today. We may have not kept in close touch, but the affection is still there.

7) Who did you call before you sleep at night?

*Err...nobody? Never dated, so no boyfriends to call. No point calling my pals too, since I'd be seeing them the next morning, right?


Friends, if you read this, do blog about this tag. I'd love to read your stories!


bongkersz said...

Interesting :P I used to have a big ass pencil box as well. Made from this video tape holder/case. Outside you can design it nicely with all sorts of drawings, stickers.. I asked an artistic friend to draw for me. I still have the pencil box with me and using it. Wah, that means.. I carry it for more than 10 years now??? I should blog about this.. with photo of its latest look. (Well.. it looks ugly.. and messy because I don't bother to make it look nice anymore)

Star student heh? :P Thanks for doing the tag.

kaioucat said...

Bongkersz: You should keep the pencil case and pass it down to your child, and then to your grandchild, and then to your great grandchild, and so on. Family heirloom!

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