Saturday, September 20, 2008

Looking for Flower Making Materials

I used to buy these so easily and cheaply from a craft store in KK. I've recently decided to pick up flower making again. I've searched high and low for these materials, but how come it feels like gold mining?
Thick Crepe Papers

Florist Wires

Florist Tapes

I've walked all over Bras Basah Complex, called many arts and crafts shops, all to no avail. I started searching the internet, and I found two websites that sell exactly what I want.

The first one was They have exactly want I want, at so much more variety than I expected. I got so excited until I saw the price, which were all in Sterling Pounds. I thought maybe it's not THAT expensive, until I saw the exchange rate between Sterling Pounds and Singapore Dollars.

1 British pound = 2.61167573 Singapore dollars

If I convert that to Singapore Dollars, it's SGD123. The materials can probably last me 4 to 5 months of flower making, provided I do it sparingly.

So I started looking for a nearer source. I found this: They also have exactly what I want, except the florist tapes. Fine, I thought. I could just get those from But when I tried making the purchases, the items were all indicated as "Approval Pending". Whatever does that mean?
Any kind souls out there know where I can find these items locally in Singapore?

I'm currently trying to fight the temptation to buy the items for SGD123 from

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