Sunday, September 14, 2008

In Loving Memory of Proton Waja SAA8282C

R. I. P.

Proton Waja SAA 8282 C
(26 June 2002 - 8 June 2008)

Here lies in honoured glory
A partner in crime
(clubbing days, crush-stalking)
An uncomplaining friend
(bird droppings, harsh weather, rough handling)
A trusted confidante
A self-sacrifising companion.

Always loved and remembered by
Mom & Dad
Brothers & Sister


momok tan said...

Omg, it was such a wreck!!! Sigh~ may it rest in peace (or piece). Thank God you're bro was ok after the crash. The car was totalled ni.

kaioucat said...

I tell you, now every time I see a silver Waja, I feel a sense of nostalgic. I miss my Waja! It's true what they say, u never know what you have until u lose it. How true...sob sob.

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