Thursday, September 4, 2008

Does My Name Sound Masculine?

How would you like to name your baby boy "Christine"? I mean, there is no law that says we cannot, right? The hotel staff at The Coronet Hotel (Pune, India) seem to have a very open mind about naming your kids.
I'm ignoring the fact that they spelled my name wrongly.

Yep, so the next time you see a name like Christopher, James, or Thomas, don't be too sure that it's a male. Something like this may have happened:

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms/Miss* John Smith,

We are sorry to inform you that your sex change operation has been unsuccessful. We were only able to convert 50% of your male anatomy to female anatomy before the sudden mass power failure. To avoid infection, we were forced to close the open wound immediately. Please do not be alarmed as we assure you that our doctors are highly skilled at stitching in candle lights.

Your wounds have since healed and you now have 50% of the male and female anatomy each. We realise that you could give the new half-gender a probation period and decide again at a later date if you would like to proceed with the complete sex change or revert back to your original gender. This is a medical breakthrough and we are pleased to inform you that you are the first ever patient to be able to enjoy this privilege - free of charge!

Yours truly,
Hospital Auta Paria

* Please choose your preferred title.

Although, I have to give the hotel some credits. The hotel room was clean and very comfortable. I won't say it's squeaky clean, but it's clean enough. The hotel staff gave very good service too. Heck, I didn't even expect that letter above. I mean, do they do that to every guest? It's very kind of them if they do...although a bit pointless.

Photos of the hotel room will be posted soon.

Edit (5 Sep 2008): As promised, here are the photos of the hotel room.



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Moks said...

The name of the hotel is already making me laugh. Hotel Paria...

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