Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where's My Home, You Ask?

I wanna know too.

Home is supposed to be the place where your life takes place, right? And life includes family, friends, and career, right? Well at least it does for me, since I don't have any other commitments so far.

So here's the situation. My family is in KL, my friends are in KK, and my career is in Singapore. Big portion of my life so far took place in KK, but the most critical portion happened in Singapore. I have no affection for KL and Singapore and I know Singapore much better than I do KL.

I just don't know what to say when people ask me where I am from. I don't want to bore people I barely know with my history of migration, and yet somehow the conversation eventually leads to it. Below are two very common scenarios:

Case 1:
New acquaintance: So where are you from?

kaioucat: Sabah
New acquaintance: That's pretty far. How often to you go back?
kaioucat: I don't go back there anymore.
New acquaintance: ???
kaioucat: *Starts explaining history of migration*

Case 2:
New acquaintance: So where are you from?
kaioucat: KL
New acquaintance: Cool. I'm going there for a shopping trip next weekend. Can you suggest where I should stay and what is the best way to get around?
kaioucat: I'm sorry, I don't know KL all that well.
New acquaintance: ???
kaioucat: *Starts explaining history of migration*

Although, most of the time, they assume I'm from Singapore. Maybe it's a good thing. It saves me from having to answer that dreaded question.
Where Does kaioucat Come From?


Princess Tiffany said...

Dear Catty Cat,

Drop by at ur blog and say Hi and can't agree more with you. ^^~~~You are in a tight situation. No worries, u come KL find me I bring u around. Only limited to shopping complex. ^^~~ Hahaha. I have no home too. My home is everywhere. You are about as mix up as I am. Only difference is I got an extra nationality difference. It takes a even longer time to explain then yours. Haha~ anyway, CALL me if u are here. Miss u lots.

Lilith said...


I would suggest getting a tape recorder and recorder your migration story so that each time someone asked you, you just play the tape.

Just imagine if you're in a party and everyone asked the same thing over and over again.

kaioucat said...

tiff: I've no objection at all about going to shopping complex! But yeah, your homes span internationally. Your pie chart would have to be 3D!

lilith: Good suggestion! My hp has voice recording. Can use that!

Anonymous said...

1. Your family is just 2 hrs flight away
2. Your friends in Sbh will always be your friends
3. Good food exists, and it doesnt cost you an arm or a leg.



kaioucat said...

JC: Haha! Yeah yeah I'm so much luckier here than you are way over there! LOL! Sorry I forgot which part of Aussie you're at. You people move around too much!

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