Sunday, August 10, 2008

Left Out

It was Mom's 51st birthday yesterday. They all went out for dinner at The Ship (a steak house). Lil' Bro was telling me about it last night. As with all other occasions when they went out to celebrate without me, I felt like I am missing out so much. So much has happened back home and I had to hear it from second-hand description. Five years. It has been 5 long years since I left home for Singapore. It was during these five years that the most substantial changes happened in my family.

Lil' Bro's graduation from secondary school. Lil' Bro's going to National Service. We moved from KK to KL. Settling down and adapting to the new city. Lil' Bro's drastic transformation into a fitness training instructor. Big Bro brought his girlfriend home to see my parents for the first time. Lil' Bro brought his girlfriend home for the first time. Lil' Bro graduating from A-Levels with flying colours. Lil' Bro's choosing of his education path. Big Bro switching to a new job. Lil' Bro's big car accident and the loss of our beloved Proton Waja (which we shipped all the way from KK). The new entry of the second-hand Kancil into the family. Major events in the Malaysian politics. Five years' worth of birthdays, Mother's Days, and Father's Days. Five years' worth of personality changes. Five years' worth of sickness.

All these happened while I was in Singapore. Goodness knows what else will I miss for the next 2 years, before I can go back for good. I just wanna go home and be with my family.

Cue "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith


nurrr said...

hi kaiou,

i just knew of your blog, and reading this entry made me feel sad. its ok girl, at least you are there for the purpose of career advancement, right? your sacrifices are not for nothing.
of course, success comes with a price. in this case, missing out on a lot of family happenings. at least you guys still keep closely in touch, and i believe you'll be coming back to malaysia soon? that is, if you dont meet the perfect *kiasu* singaporean hot stuff while you're there. if not its ok, not so big a loss, there's lots of laidback ah bengs for you over here. :P

anyway my thoughts are with you babe. take care n do keep in touch!


kaioucat said...

perfect "kiasu" singaporean hot stuff sounds almost like an oxymoron to me LOL!!! Laidback ah bengs..ahh, that's more like it xD.

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