Friday, July 18, 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 - Day 2

Photos of the RWMF 2008 - Day 2. Enjoy!

Us waiting for our workshop to begin - Rebana

Rebana workshop.

Closest photo I could take of a performer on stage.

Poor camera man was feeling bored and lonely.

The crowd on the second night was much bigger, thanks to no rain and the fact that it was a Saturday night.

Us in the middle of the concert crowd.

We gave up trying to keep our feet clean. We joined the barefooted eventually. These were our feet in mud bath and our ruined flip flops. FYI, those sand were donated by Bobby Ting (Ting Pek King's son) in an effort to dry up the concert ground. Didn't make much difference if you ask me, even with the fair weather that day.

That's all for Day 2! Day 3 photos coming up next.

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