Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 - Day 1

Here are photos taken in Kuching and during the RWMF 2008 - Day 1. Enjoy!

The first picture I took of Kuching city. It was Thursday night, about 10.20pm.

Statues of cats in front of Holiday Inn. They have quite a few of these statues in Kuching.

In the shuttle bus, on our way to the first day of RWMF 2008.

Never been this close to a green hill for a long time. Sigh, I miss Mount Kinabalu.

Me with the green hill behind me. The sun was scorching that day, hence the squinted eyes.

That's us waiting for our first workshop to begin - Gong Drumming
Malaysian gongs meet world drums.

Performers getting ready for (and getting bored of?) the workshop. It was in this workshop I heard my favourite quote of the event:
When you mix the cultures of different countries, take the good stuff, throw away the bad stuff, and the outcome is beautiful. - One of the Drummers -

The crowd waiting patiently for the percussion workshop to begin.

Just when the concert was about to begin, the rain began to fall.

The rain stopped in a couple of hours' time. But it was enough to transform the grass field into a mud ground.

But the show goes on, mud or no mud.

Clearer picture of the muddy ground.

And the party goes on...

And on...

And on. Everyone was pretty wasted in the above photo.

OK that's the end of Day 1. Day 2 photos coming up in next blog entry.

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