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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another One of Those Moments

I'm having another one of those reminiscing moments. This time, it started with me searching for a song I overheard in a restaurant, which was a song I remember listening to many years ago. The song was "Dying Inside to Hold You" by Timmy Thomas. The strange things is I can't recall when exactly had I been listening to this song.

When I listened to the downloaded song, it triggered my yearning to listen to more songs from my earlier days. So I went on a rigour search for songs on the chart way back from the mid 1990s till before I came to Singapore (those were the times I listened to the most music and watched the most MTV). Let's just say the search was an easy one, and I am now waiting for my download to complete.

And while I was at it, I also began thinking about the movies I used to watch. It is then I remembered that the first ever American movie I watched without having to wait for it to be released on local TV (watched it from a VCD) was She's All that. I found the VD stashed in big bro's CD rack, and I was eager to explore what the computer could do (I remember being such a curious noob with computer at the time). So I opened the movie and watched it. I remember falling in love with that movie so much (mostly because it was a teen movie about high school life, and well, I was in the peak of my high school life). My classmates were also very into that movie.

However, now that I think about that movie again. I realised the movie is too simple and too predictable. I believe it was one of the first teen movies made, which was followed by many other teen movies to come. If I were to watch that movie again today, the impact would be so minuscule. Understandable, really. After all, I'm so over high school now. I am now more into romance movies like Love Actually and the more recent Made of Honour!

I love these reminiscing moments. Too bad nowadays I don't have much time for it. Some say it's not healthy to look back so much. I agree. I used to look back and yearn to go back so much. The reminiscing moments used to always end up with me crying. But over the recent years, I have stopped feeling that way. Not so much, at least, because I do sometimes wish I could go back. But now I have learnt to appreciate the present, and these reminiscing moments become happy moments for me, instead of sad moments.

I hope I am making sense in this post. My mind is still in a blur and it's after midnight.

And I was dying inside~ to hold you~ couldn't believe how I felt for you~

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