Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holding onto the Bomb

Just when I was about to drop the bomb to my boss, something cropped up. It turns out that I may not be able to go back to KL in August, after all. Damn you, Murphy's Law!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Christmas in July?

Here's an advise to all of you out there:

Do not watch Christmas shows or listen to Christmas songs when it is not the Christmas season. It leaves you in a Christmas mood only to realise it is still a long time till Christmas!

Spoken from experience.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I can't seem to find a good timing to tell my boss about my leave in early August! There always seems to be something ruining his mood everyday! And the end of July is just around the corner!

God, if you're there, please bless my boss with a promotion or a pay raise, so I can go home!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 - Day 3

Photos taken on RWMF 2008 - Day 3. Enjoy!

Waiting for shuttle bus to depart to Sarawak Cultural Village for RWMF 2008 Day 3.

The crowd waiting for drum workshop to begin. That was the only workshop I managed to go for that day, no thanks to the late previous night.

Audience were invited onto the stage to play choo-choo train.

That's my friend's nephew getting a henna tattoo on his back. He had another 2 on his forearms. He became an instant star that night with his new tattoos. People actually took photos with him!

Best photo of the 2 of us, I'd say. This was taken by the star kid with tattoos. The bugger on the right kind of ruined it, though.

That's my henna tattoo on my wrist. Cost me RM10.

We were hanging out at the restaurant. Somehow we didn't feel like joining the crowd in the concert. The rain ruined it, really.

We made it to the concert ground eventually. The crowd was big, despite the rain earlier. All up for the finale, I suppose.

More crowd...

And more crowd... This was during the finale. We left before the crowd dispersed to escape the long queue for the shuttle bus back to Kuching. Our experience the previous night waiting for the shuttle bus was not pleasant at all...

Choa Chu Kang Fresh Mart? This was taken on our way back from Sarawak Cultural Village to Kuching in the shuttle bus. I was half-asleep when this shop caught my eyes.

OK, that's the end of the RWMF 2008. Here are more pictures taken the next day, before flying back to Singapore.

I've always wanted to visit the Cat Museum. I finally did. This is the entrance.

This is where we slept through the 4 nights in Kuching.

Another view of our dorm from a different angle.

And this is the view of the dorm from the bed I slept on.

And finally...our last photo before heading for our separate boarding gates in Kuching International Airport. Thanks AA for being such great company!

Believe it or not, I miss the RWMF 2008 right when I arrived back at Singapore that night. Will I attend the RWMF 2009? I really hope I will!

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 - Day 2

Photos of the RWMF 2008 - Day 2. Enjoy!

Us waiting for our workshop to begin - Rebana

Rebana workshop.

Closest photo I could take of a performer on stage.

Poor camera man was feeling bored and lonely.

The crowd on the second night was much bigger, thanks to no rain and the fact that it was a Saturday night.

Us in the middle of the concert crowd.

We gave up trying to keep our feet clean. We joined the barefooted eventually. These were our feet in mud bath and our ruined flip flops. FYI, those sand were donated by Bobby Ting (Ting Pek King's son) in an effort to dry up the concert ground. Didn't make much difference if you ask me, even with the fair weather that day.

That's all for Day 2! Day 3 photos coming up next.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 - Day 1

Here are photos taken in Kuching and during the RWMF 2008 - Day 1. Enjoy!

The first picture I took of Kuching city. It was Thursday night, about 10.20pm.

Statues of cats in front of Holiday Inn. They have quite a few of these statues in Kuching.

In the shuttle bus, on our way to the first day of RWMF 2008.

Never been this close to a green hill for a long time. Sigh, I miss Mount Kinabalu.

Me with the green hill behind me. The sun was scorching that day, hence the squinted eyes.

That's us waiting for our first workshop to begin - Gong Drumming
Malaysian gongs meet world drums.

Performers getting ready for (and getting bored of?) the workshop. It was in this workshop I heard my favourite quote of the event:
When you mix the cultures of different countries, take the good stuff, throw away the bad stuff, and the outcome is beautiful. - One of the Drummers -

The crowd waiting patiently for the percussion workshop to begin.

Just when the concert was about to begin, the rain began to fall.

The rain stopped in a couple of hours' time. But it was enough to transform the grass field into a mud ground.

But the show goes on, mud or no mud.

Clearer picture of the muddy ground.

And the party goes on...

And on...

And on. Everyone was pretty wasted in the above photo.

OK that's the end of Day 1. Day 2 photos coming up in next blog entry.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back from One Vacation, On to Another!

I'm just back from Kuching last night. I was there for the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2008 (will be writing about it soon). Suffice to say for now that the RWMF 2008 has been great fun, although there was the utter disappointment of last minute pull-outs from friends who were supposed to go with me.

Anyway. I'm already planning to go back to KL sometime in early August. Mom's birthday is on 9 August, which also happens to be Singapore's National Day. I haven't been able to celebrate her birthday with her for, what, 5 years?

I just hope my boss isn't too unhappy when I drop the bomb on him about me going on leave again for one whole week, only 2 weeks after being away for Kuching.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another One of Those Moments

I'm having another one of those reminiscing moments. This time, it started with me searching for a song I overheard in a restaurant, which was a song I remember listening to many years ago. The song was "Dying Inside to Hold You" by Timmy Thomas. The strange things is I can't recall when exactly had I been listening to this song.

When I listened to the downloaded song, it triggered my yearning to listen to more songs from my earlier days. So I went on a rigour search for songs on the chart way back from the mid 1990s till before I came to Singapore (those were the times I listened to the most music and watched the most MTV). Let's just say the search was an easy one, and I am now waiting for my download to complete.

And while I was at it, I also began thinking about the movies I used to watch. It is then I remembered that the first ever American movie I watched without having to wait for it to be released on local TV (watched it from a VCD) was She's All that. I found the VD stashed in big bro's CD rack, and I was eager to explore what the computer could do (I remember being such a curious noob with computer at the time). So I opened the movie and watched it. I remember falling in love with that movie so much (mostly because it was a teen movie about high school life, and well, I was in the peak of my high school life). My classmates were also very into that movie.

However, now that I think about that movie again. I realised the movie is too simple and too predictable. I believe it was one of the first teen movies made, which was followed by many other teen movies to come. If I were to watch that movie again today, the impact would be so minuscule. Understandable, really. After all, I'm so over high school now. I am now more into romance movies like Love Actually and the more recent Made of Honour!

I love these reminiscing moments. Too bad nowadays I don't have much time for it. Some say it's not healthy to look back so much. I agree. I used to look back and yearn to go back so much. The reminiscing moments used to always end up with me crying. But over the recent years, I have stopped feeling that way. Not so much, at least, because I do sometimes wish I could go back. But now I have learnt to appreciate the present, and these reminiscing moments become happy moments for me, instead of sad moments.

I hope I am making sense in this post. My mind is still in a blur and it's after midnight.

And I was dying inside~ to hold you~ couldn't believe how I felt for you~