Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Dreams

I like dreams. They are an outlet for me to experience something I don’t get to experience in real life, albeit one that I cannot choose or control. There are the occasional nightmares, but the pleasant dreams far outweigh the unpleasant ones.

Some of the pleasant dreams I’ve had:


My flying dreams used to be a lot more frequent. They also used to be less pleasant than it is now. Before recently, my flying dreams usually involve me flying to extreme heights and losing control of my movements. A very common scene is me flying near the ocean, and the wind started blowing me towards the ocean, which looked overwhelmingly wide with not a single thing in the horizon. I always felt fear of being lost in the middle of the ocean (in the air) and losing direction on how to return to land. Another common scene is quite the opposite, whereby I couldn’t seem to fly high, and there were people / fierce dogs on the ground trying to grab my feet. I would struggle to maintain my altitude, and occasionally I would fall back onto the ground, after which I would try to take off again (with difficulty).

Recently, I’ve been having some rather pleasant flying dreams. I could fly at lower heights, with much better control, and even sometimes I was not the only one who could fly. The dreams always felt very real, leaving me wanting to go back to sleep to revive the dream almost every time I woke up from them.

Being Back at Home/School with Family and/or Old Friends

Ah… this is one of my favourites. It’s simple. They’re dreams of being back in a pass, either at home or at school, reliving one of the common routines back then. The most common time zone I dream of is my later part of secondary school life. These are scenes of me being back in my old house in Taman Rainfield, with my whole family around (even big bro was not away for university yet). I would dream of hearing Mom shouting for lil’ bro from downstairs and her vacuum-cleaning the floor (which used to irritate me a lot),

I also always dream about putting on my school uniform, usually the prefect one. Sometimes, I would forget to put on one of the “accessories” that came with my school uniform i.e. nametag, school badge, prefect badge, necktie etc. I would realize it only after I arrived at school. I would feel a pang of disappointment because somehow I knew it was my only chance to reenact a moment of school life, and I wanted it to be perfect.

Sometimes, the scene begins inside the classroom or at the assembly hall. I would see my old friends looking exactly the way I remember. Oddly though, sometimes there were people I knew elsewhere appearing in my school, and I didn’t think it was odd.

Falling In Love

Now this is the kind of dream I’d like to have more of. They’re quite rare, but I’ve had enough share of it to be able to talk about it. One thing common between all the falling-in-love dreams I’ve had is that the people I fell in love with were all unknown to me in real life. It’s like my brain created someone for me to fall in love with in the dream, and after waking up, I would forget everything about them except that there was someone I was in love with. I could never remember their personality or how they looked like.


There are times I dream about my pet cats. It could be my old pet cats at Taman Khidmat or Gucci at Taman Rainfield. Either way, I would wake up from the dream with a smile.

Of course, these are not the only dreams I have. There were plenty of odd dreams that I don’t think is worth talking about. There were also dreams that simply vanish from my memory the moment I woke up.

Although I like dreams, there are times when I’d prefer a good, long slumber without any dream. Those usually happen only when I am back in Malaysia during holidays.

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