Friday, June 27, 2008

I Have a Thing for Accents

Not that this is something new to me. I've always liked English with accents, especially the British accent. American accents are nice, but I hear it so often from TV shows, it didn't sound special anymore.

Then I watched Lost and got head over heels for Desmond's Scottish accent. So far, his ending is a happy one. I wish that wouldn't change. Desmond and Penny forever!

OK, back to accents. I watched Click (the one with Adam Sandler in it) and got extremely amused by Rob Schneider's rendition of the Arabian accent. I started paying more attention to Sayid in Lost ever since (although he is not Arabian, but still, his Iraqi accent is similar)

Then along came Zohan. The movie is just FULL of Middle Eastern accent. Adam Sandler didn't do a very good job immitating the Middle Eastern accent, but it was passable. Rob Schneider, on the other hand, was hilarious!

The combination of his look and his accent was so entertaining, I could never see enough of him. And that Hezbollah phone operator! Gosh, that scene was just so funny, decribing it in words will never do it justice.

The movie as a whole is OK, worth paying for the entertainment, but it's nothing to wow at. Personally, the way I judge how good a movie is, is how much after-effect it leaves in me, and whether I want to watch it again. I don't have much impression on Zohan, unlike how I felt after watching Click. I have watched Click 4 times so far, and still I plan to watch it again one of these days. I don't feel the same for Zohan, however.

Hmm... I intended for this entry to be about accents. Somehow it has turned into a movie review. Well, it's a hall of crap, after all. There can be anything in crap.

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