Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My 25th Birthday Cake

I ended up buying a whole chocolate cake...

I just think that a whole cake is more suitable for birthdays. You know, it symbolises wholesomeness.

The cake shop was in the midst of closing when I showed up. That was after my night Chinese class. The time was around 9.45pm.

I didn't plan to light any candles, I just wanted to have a whole birthday cake. But when the cake seller asked me how many candles I wanted, I told her, with some hesitation, to give me 2 big ones and 5 small ones.

I reached home at 10.30pm. Removed the cake from its box, poke the candles onto the cake, lit them up, sang Happy Birthday softly to myself, made a wish, and blew the candles. Only when I was removing the candles from the cake (leaving ugly patches which ruined the cake's prettiness) that I remembered I had planned to take a picture of my birthday cake with lit candles! Alas, it was too late to do anything, as I have thrown the used candles into the rubbish bin and the cake was already ruined.

I had 2 slices of the cake right then. I'm certain I'd have no problem finishing the whole cake. But I'm also certain that I SHOULDN'T be finishing the whole cake by myself (as repeatedly reminded by Mom and lil' bro). I don't really have much choice, actually. The only person I can share the cake with is my landlady, whom I did offer my cake to. Doubt that she would eat much of it, though.

It's 11.55pm now. So I guess this is it, my 25th birthday, and my first away from loved ones. It wasn't unpleasant, but I have to admit I'd have liked it much more if I had my family and old friends with me. Somehow I get this feeling that this is not the last time I'd be spending my birthday alone. Guess I'd better get used to it.

Happy 25th birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

hahaa.. i was googling how to spend my 25th alone as well. anyways ! todays my birthday and i just want to say happy belated 25th !!!

kaioucat said...

and a happy belated 25th birthdy to u too =)

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