Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, kaioucat!

First birthday away from family. First birthday in Singapore. First birthday whilst working.

I thought that this would be the first time I spend my birthday alone. I was half expecting the day to be dreafully lonely for not having people I care for around me. Alas, what I'm feeling now is far from unpleasant. I feel...mellow.
So I started wondering what exactly made me not feel lonely when I am alone on my birthday? Then it dawned one me that I am not really alone, am I? I may be physically alone, but I don't feel lonely, probably due to the birthday wishes I recieved from family and old friends (whom I have not met for years, by the way). They make me feel cared for eventhough we're far apart.

I had the choice to take the day off work, but I opted to take the day off this Friday instead, to make it a long weekend. I mean, what could I do even if I had the day off today?

But still, I'm planning to buy myself a piece of chocolate cake this evening. And if I catch something I fancy on the way, I'll get it as a birthday gift.

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