Monday, June 16, 2008

The Closest Thing to Owning a House in Singapore

I have recently moved in to a new flat, sharing it with my landlady who is a single woman in her 40s. She has gone for a week-long vacation, so I'm left alone in the flat for a whole week. My feeling? Absolutely FABULOUS.

I just wish I can catnap a cat from below my flat for a week. That way, I can pretend I own a house and have a pet cat. For the uninformed, it has always been my ultimate dream to own a decent house/condo near loved ones and keep a pet cat (or 2). This dream also happens to be the reason why I insist on returning to Malaysia after my 3-year employment bond in Singapore (hope my boss is not reading this).

Let me go back to indulging in denial that my landlady will be back in a week's time.

Wait...what landlady?

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